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To find out what program fits you or your child, we like to start our students in a 90-minute skills assessment to learn more about their current game, goals, and commitment level to achieving them. More Information  
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Do we have to commit to a program at the end?
No, this is an opportunity for you as a parent and for your junior golfer to meet the coaches, find out about or training philosophy, and from there learn the plan we would recommend for your child's needs.
Does my child need his/her own clubs?
Bring what you have or equipment will be provided. Please arrive 10-minutes early if you need equipment and let us know upon registration. We do provide free clubfitting for participants and equipment can usually be secured in 5-7 business days.
What age should my child be?
Qualifiers are for those 8 and up. Each student will be treated as an individual inside the team. They will be individually assessed and then placed into different groups based on their skill level.
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Megan Paracallus
My Child has found her Passion
By coming out to the qualifier, my daughter was able to find a program that fit her goals and now she's having more fun than ever!

Ava Hannaman
We have found all the answers we where looking for.
More fun than a Taylor Swift concert!

Asher Hoyt
Sometimes less is more!
Farther, straighter, more consistent and less effort!

Find Out More About The On-Course Assessment

If you have a child looking to get in to Tournament Golf who is currently playing and need help to find a program that fits their mental and physical skills along with their on course scoring, then this is the best course of action.